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Soak up the sunshine on our Waterfront Oasis

Treat yourself to a luxurious vacation you've been longing for and experience an exclusive, serene getaway at 
  The Waterfront Beach Resort.

THE WATERFRONT BEACH RESORT is an enchanting place set in the picturesque town of Morong, Bataan Peninsula where you will find everything you need to help you recharge and get in touch with nature, again and again. It is a fascinating gem of the province's western horizon luxuriates in a long stretch of natural, powdery fine beach sand where both children and adults alike will surely enjoy acquiring a healthy tan or simple unwinding from sunup to sundown.

During the summer, you can always count on our gorgeous sunsets that light up Bataan's sky providing a beautiful canvass with the best aerial photos without obstructions or disruptive sounds of the city. Between the months of August and February, female marine turtles, of Pawikan as we call them, go back to the shores of Morong, Bataan to lay their eggs. If your fortunate enough, you will be able to experience them hatch their eggs at the shoreline of the resort.

A Safe workplace is a sound business.

As we welcome you back to The Waterfront Beach Resort, we made sure we will be doing it safely with your health in mind. Our goal is to give you peace of mind knowing we are taking precautionary measures for risk prevention and safe environment for you as well as for our employees. Here as the strengthened care & cleanliness protocols that you will experience at The Waterfront Beach Resort.


Our Hotel

Our Hotel

You will find comfort & will feel relaxed at our 2 story and bungalow buildings with spacious rooms, balconies and views of the marginal sea of the Western Pacific Ocean. 

Special Events

At The Waterfront Beach Resort, every gathering is a special occasion. Reserve our outdoor venues to have extra ordinary views of the marginal sea of the Western Pacific Ocean for the backdrop of your event.


Kick off your morning with breakfast and a cup of coffee, while enjoying the beautiful sunrise in the shoreline of Morong and indulge later your favorite drink from the restaurant and bar before catching the sunset at dinner.


South Gate Subic Freeport
Crossing Barangay Nagbalayong
Morong Bataan, Philippines 2108
0917-1379848 / 0917-1374375

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